Laura Davie Artist/Founder


I am a wife, a mother and an artist and I love all three. I have always enjoyed art, but could never really find a media that let me express myself. I guess I followed in my father’s footsteps. He was very talented but never really stuck with one discipline. He did everything from scrimshaw, leather, pin striping, upholstery, you name it.

    While visiting a local theme park with my kids, mom and sister, we all had our faces painted. As we waited and I watched, I saw something incredible. Every kid that had their face painted was nothing but smiles. How cool it is to go from a little boy to superhero or a normal girl to a princess. All this with nothing more than some fancy make-up and an imagination. The wheels were turning.

    I was reluctant to tell my husband what I wanted to do. Not because he would think that it was a dumb idea, but because he is an enabler and would push me outside of my box. My biggest fear was that I have no formal training. My husband’s response to this was “You have been blessed with a God given talent and you will never be limited as long as you remember that.” So from there we started researching How, What, Where and When I could do face painting. We found incredible artists online that share their talents and technique, paints, glitter (I love glitter!!) and all the supplies I could ever think of. Now I’m the one that puts the SMILES on the faces and transform your child into a superhero or princess. I Love it when I bring the mirror out after I finish. It’s even better when I see them later, looking at their reflection in a window and still smiling ear to ear.

    You can find me out & about or you can schedule me at your next birthday party or event. My husband has done a fantastic job of putting together my website to provide you with as much information as possible. There is an amazing Events Calendar that you can use to find or schedule me. There is a Gallery, Contact Info and my favorite, the Inspiration page. This is where I share who and what I’m studying. You can even follow me on Twitter.

I hope to hear from you soon!!